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याभि क्रियाभिर्जायन्ते शरीरे धातव: समा: | 

सा चिकित्सा विकाराणाम कर्मतद्भिषजां स्मृतं ||

Charaka Samhita Su 16/34

(Ayurvedic) Treatment implies restoring the building blocks of the human body - dhatus, doshas and malas by eliminating the causative factors like vitiated doshas, incorrect diet or fallacious lifestyle.

 Qualities Of The Doctor 

मैत्री कारुण्यम आर्तेषु शक्ये प्रीती 

Charaka Sutrasthan 9/26

The duty of an Ayurvedic doctor is not merely limited to treating the disease but also encompasses educating the patient about measures which will prevent the recurrence of the disease at a later stage. Off-course, as advised by the revered Acharyas, patient-doctor interaction has to be done with Maitri (friendliness) , Karunyam (empathy)  & Preethi (concentration). 

 Qualities Of A Patient 

स्मृति निर्देशकारित्वं अभीरुत्वं अथापि च 

ज्ञापकत्वं च रोगाणाम आतुरस्य गुणा: स्मृता:

Charaka Sutrasthan 9/9

Good memory so as to remember the doctor's instructions, obedience, courage and  the ability to recall their symptoms and explain them to the doctor are the attributes which a good patient must possess. 

I see a lot of patients complaining about how a doctor does not listen to their woes committedly. Without a second thought, a doctor should be a great listener and possess the ability to listen between the words of their patients. The doctor should be cordial and patient enough to answer all of the patient's doubts as trivial they may be.

However, a patient too must stop depending on the generalized health knowledge provided on the internet and show unwavering faith in the doctor. They are required to explain their symptoms to the doctor in detail and follow the doctor's instructions to the T.

 Is Ayurvedic treatment slow? 

Imagine pulling up a small sapling planted just a few days ago vs uprooting a gigantic tree which has been standing at the same place for years. Obviously, the tiny sapling takes less than a minute to be wrecked whereas the tree takes a huge amount of time along with jumbo excavators to be annihilated. 

The same analogy is true for Ayurvedic treatment. A vast majority of patients turn to Ayurveda only when their ailment advances to a chronic stage. A long-standing ailment takes time to to cure since chronic illnesses become deep rooted in the body Dhatus. Moreover, Ayurveda works on the core of the disease and does not believe in symptomatic treatment. For example, a headache is very easy to suppress but the root cause is tough to eliminate.  Ayurveda believes in complete uprooting of the tree of illness and not just cutting the tree. 

If you just had to cut the tree, it would take less amount of energy however there is always a chance of tiny plants sprouting from the residual stump. In the same way, some diseases if untreated/ mistreated can birth new diseases (for example, anemia or Pandu in females can manifest itself in the form of white discharge or Somaroga).

To clear out this misconception about Ayurveda, you can watch my YouTube video which addresses this topic in detail.