Frequently asked questions

We recommend that you begin Garbh Sanskar as soon as possible, but it can be started at any stage of pregnancy. Our Garbh Sanskar program comprises four components: meditation, mental diet, nutrition, and prenatal yoga. We initiate prenatal yoga in the second trimester, i.e., after 12 weeks, but start the rest of the practices as soon as the pregnant lady approaches us.

Absolutely not! Garbh Sanskar is a complementary practice that works alongside your gynecologist's care. 

Your gynecologist provides essential medical care, monitoring your health and the baby's development while Garbh Sanskar focuses on holistic well-being, stress management, and emotional connection during pregnancy. 

Also, we do recommend incorporating wholesome and nutritious foods based on Ayurvedic principles. Still, we also consider any dietary restrictions or recommendations suggested by your gynecologist to ensure your diet aligns with their medical guidance.

Fetal Bonding Techniques:

Character Development:

Stress Management:

Physical Wellbeing:

Post-partum Healing: 

Several studies have suggested that practicing Garbh Sanskar can have a positive impact on both the fetal and maternal outcomes of pregnancy. This includes a decrease in stress levels, pregnancy-related health issues, and an improvement in bonding with the baby. Our clients have reported a decrease in stress even after attending a single Garbh Sanskar class.

Before making any conclusions, why not experience the magic of Garbh Sanskar? Book a free session with us today.