Menstrual Disorders

Erratic lifestyle, lack of exercise, nutrient devoid diet and soaring stress levels today have subjected women to a great deal of gynecological disorders.

Here, I would like to put special emphasis on PCOS because almost every other girl nowadays shows one or many symptoms (like irregular periods, painful menstruation, heavy flow , unexplained weight gain) of this syndrome. The lack of proper knowledge and guidance regarding menstrual disorders like PCOD in both parents and young girls takes a toll not only on their menstrual and reproductive health but also makes them susceptible to metabolic disorders like obesity and diabetes mellitus later in their life. Moreover, what troubles me the most is doctors putting girls as young as 14 years on oral contraceptive pills to manage PCOS while asking them to lose weight without properly counselling them how to do so. As a result, sometimes in an attempt to lose weight, women either over exercise or resort to fad diets (the ones which ask you to skip carbohydrates, fats, gluten, lactose or all of these) thus creating temporary results but messing up their menstrual cycles even more. Also, oral contraceptive pills have their own set of drawbacks like weight gain, mood swings and breast tenderness to name a few.

PCOS not only messes up with the body but also upheavals the emotional health creating extreme highs and lows. It can also cause sleep disorders, acne and severe body image issues. PCOD, if left untreated can also cause endometriosis, uterine fibroids and even infertility later in life. 

But, the good news is that Ayurveda can provide permanent relief from all your menstrual issues without putting you on fad diets or nasty pills. Book a consultation with us to restore your period health.