With scores of dietary trends prevailing over the online and offline spaces today, making the right choice is difficult. We often end up following a food trend without understanding its repercussions on our Prakriti (body type) . 

Charak Samhita talks about 13 types of fire (trayodasha agni) present in the human body.  Amongst these, Jatharagni or digestive fire is deemed as the preeminent one and it governs the functioning of all the other 12 types of agni

With freely available health misinformation  available on the Internet,  we often pick the wrong foods in an attempt to lose weight, clear our skin or empty the bowels. This in turn messes up with the digestive fire (Jatharagni) thus tumbling the basic process of food breakdown, digestion and assimilation. The improperly digested food or the aam affects the doshas and accumulates in the dhatus causing not only digestive problems like low appetite, chronic constipation and hyperacidity but also a myriad of lifestyle disorders like diabetes, PCOS and obesity ; inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, gout and IBS & also makes you susceptible to seasonal fevers, colds and chronic cough. 

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