Nutrtion In Pregnancy

You're glowing with pregnancy joy, and a juicy mango catches your eye. But then comes the worry – can you indulge? Conflicting advice from well-meaning family members can leave you feeling confused and disconnected from your cravings. 

Imagine a pregnancy journey bathed in peace and confidence, free from anxieties about every choice. Picture yourself making decisions that nourish you and your baby, guided by knowledge and empowered by support. 

That's the power of Garbh Sanskar. We don't just answer questions about "Can I eat this?"; we empower you with knowledge and personalized guidance. We understand the emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

A pregnant woman's diet must be rich in proteins, healthy fats, clean carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. In Ayurveda, the six tastes or "Shad Rasas" are given utmost importance, which include madhur (sweet), amla (sour), lavana (salty), katu (pungent), tikta (bitter), and kashaya (astringent). A balanced diet should have all these Rasas. However, nowadays, we often see pregnant women consuming junk food (excess lavana Rasa) and excessively spicy food (excess Katu Rasa). Such imbalances not only affect the pregnant woman's health but also hurt the growing baby. 

A balanced diet is necessary during pregnancy

Here are some tips to ensure proper nutrition for you and your baby during pregnancy:

A pregnancy journey free from food worries and filled with delicious possibilities is what we aim to create. Our Garbh Sanskar program empowers you to create a loving environment for your baby, starting with what you nourish yourself with. Some of the things we do when it comes to diet-

Our Garbh Sanskar program isn't just about diet plans; it's about building a foundation of love and well-being for your most precious journey.

Still feeling unsure about whether to treat yourself to that juicy mango or not? Schedule your free Garbh Sanskar consultation today. Let's unlock the magic of delicious, balanced eating for a healthy pregnancy you and your baby will cherish.