Prenatal Yoga

"What is the importance of yoga during pregnancy? I get this question a lot. Many people believe that practicing yoga during pregnancy can improve the flexibility of pelvic muscles, which may help with vaginal delivery. While this statement is not completely false, it does not mean that the sole purpose of yoga during pregnancy should be to prepare for normal labor. 

The benefits of practicing prenatal yoga go beyond preparing for normal labor. Our Garbh Sanskar program aims to make your pregnancy and postpartum period happy and stress-free & our pre-natal yoga program is just an offshoot of this vision. According to us, prenatal yoga is not just a form of exercise, but it is therapy. Some of the benefits of yoga during pregnancy include:

However, one must be careful while practicing any asana during pregnancy. When practicing prenatal yoga, following guidelines on time limits, form, and pressure points is crucial. In our Garbh Sanskar Yoga training, we give utmost importance to form and technique thus ensuring the safety of both the mother and baby.  

Common questions related to Prenatal Yoga:

Q1: I have heard that pre-natal Yoga aids in vaginal delivery. But my doctor says that I will undergo a C-section. Is doing pre-natal Yoga necessary for me?

Definitely YES! Prenatal Yoga does not only help in getting your body ready for labor but has added benefits like prevention against muscle cramps, backaches, and stress. It also helps in postpartum healing whether you undergo a normal delivery or C-section.

Q2: What is the ideal time to start prenatal Yoga? 

The best time to practice all the asanas in prenatal Yoga is the second trimester. However, we also teach simple stretching exercises to improve blood circulation in the first trimester. 

Q3: Is pre-natal Yoga different from regular Yoga? 

During pregnancy, it's important to avoid practicing most of the asanas that apply pressure on the abdomen. Additionally, some asanas need to be modified to accommodate the changes in the body. For instance, the cat-cow pose, which is commonly practiced during pregnancy, is done differently to ensure no pressure is put on the abdomen.

We are here to guide you regarding the different Yoga poses that can be safely practiced in pregnancy. Book a free session with us today!