Yoga & Pranayam

I have come across many people taking up Yoga for the sole purpose of slimming down but associating Yoga merely with weight loss is a disregard for its countless benefits like improved digestion, better hormone health, happier moods, sounder sleep, enhanced clarity, and higher energy levels. Fat loss and inch loss are just offshoots of regular Yoga practice and should not be the solitary guiding forces behind anyone taking up Yoga. Moreover, Yoga enhances body image and cultivates awareness that self-critical thoughts need to be controlled.

'Yoga improves flexibility,  we come across this sentence numberless times. The flexibility implied in this case does not only refer to a bendable body that can do all asanas from the humble Padmasana to arduous Shirshasana. Yoga believes that the stiffer you are in your body, the stiffer you will be in your mind, and vice versa. Thus, enhanced physical flexibility in Yoga also gifts you a strong & adaptable mind that is open to new experiences and changes. 

Also, improved flexibility and strength which come as perks of regular Yoga practice can make you less prone to backaches while improving bone health. Yogic practices when combined with Pranayama help in improving lung and cardiovascular health. Improved lung health results in better immunity against seasonal colds and flu & also help in reducing the dependence on inhalers & steroids in asthmatic patients.  

Pranayama simply implies regulating the breath- the foremost foundation of our survival. A well-balanced breath acts like a haven in stressful situations of anxiety,  fear, anger, or despair

Pranayama is detoxification for your lungs and regular practice can help in combating conditions related to toxins in the body like low energy levels, acne, constipation, and hyperacidity. Different types of Pranayama practices provide added benefits like better vision and help in regulating menstrual health. It keeps uncontrolled blood pressure and sugar levels in check

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